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KOS & Associates, Inc. currently markets the following products:

KISS/COBOL (Keep It Standard and Structured ) is a software tool that provides a turn-key methodology for developing all COBOL programs and enforces a uniform program structure. This results in increased productivity and reduces the time and cost of maintaining programs. Applying this methodology, good programming techniques are assured and standards are enforced. This software tool is independent of hardware and interfacing software and requires that the customer's computer support COBOL. KISS is composed of source (model) programs that reside on the customer's Source Library. The KISS users manual is completely documented and organized in a flexible "Cook-Book" manner. This will permit the customer to insert his own installation standards.

KISS/KOPE (Kiss/Cobol On-line Programming Environment). This package provides a productivity tool, which makes full use of the advantages inherent in the KISS Standardized methodology. The KOPE system is composed of three basis segments: a program (source) generator, a program review or edit facility, and a data dictionary manager. KOPE will construct the new program by fill-in-blank screens that generates Cobol source code and merges the code into the structure of KISS. KOPE affords the programmer the means to greatly increase productivity and efficiency, without sacrificing uniformity.

The KOPE facility has been designed with the programmer as a prime consideration. The entire KOPE Management Systems utilizes 12 basis screens, all of which are consistent throughout the three segments of KOPE. These screens heavily employ the advantages of menu selection and removes much of the effort required in coding COBOL.

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